Orange Romania

The Orange project is a program that contains 4 projects with four
different contracts:

  1. Design, authorization, execution and commissioning of FTTx
    fiber optic networks
  2. Design, approval, execution and commissioning of longhaul
    fiber optic connections
  3. Design, approval, execution and commissioning of fixed and
    mobile telecommunications sites
  4. Design and execution of integrated objectives / systems (eg
    solar panel supply systems, technical sites for various destinations,
    special containers for telecommunications, etc.)
  • Preliminary site surveys
  • Acquisition of topographic data for the proposed routes;
  • Realization of topographic maps for design;
  • Acquisition / verification of postal addresses;
  • Specialized design (FTTH), (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint FO
  • Approval and authorization for the construction of networks;
  • Execution (civil works, cable installation works, cable junction, electrical
    connections, equipment installation, CO site arrangement), (constructions
    for arranging telecom sites), (integrated technical systems / objectives);
  • Creation of databases with eligible addresses;
  • Commissioning of networks / system;
  • Realization of As-Built documentation;
  • Warranty and maintenance under warranty.