S.C. GAUSS S.R.L. was responsible for achieving projects with great significance in Romania and not only:
• Preparing documentation for certification of ownership in accordance to HG 834/1991 for S.N.P. Petrom, Timisoara Schela- over 4000 wells and oilfields
• Framework contract providing services of geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry, geotechnical, permitting, design for OMV PETROM S.A. . Beginning with the year 2007, under the framework contract and other contracts signed between OMV Petrom SA and S.C. GAUSS S.R.L., our company has provided the following services:

– the achievement of topographic measurements required to the preparation of technical projects;
– achievement of cadastral plans;
– identification of owners and negotiating with landlords to obtain land access rights;
– achievement of photogrammetric flights;
– detailed technical projects for achieving new targets (wells, pipelines);
– preparation of technical documentation for obtaining building permits;
– preparation of technical documentation for obtaining the Certificate of Urbanism and permits and agreements specified in it;
– realization of geotechnical studies;
– realization Environmental Impact Studies;
– realization of underground pipeline detection and implementation of GIS for them;
– realization of all types of cadastral documentation for OMV Petrom objectives.
• The Inventory of the land administrated by The State Property Agency. There were realized topographical measurements, the GIS data base and enrollment in The Land Registration for approximately 600.000 ha.
• The achievement of the GIS data base for The Land Parcel Identification Systems for Agriculture Payments and Intervention Agency: the achievement of the data base for a surface of approximately 57.000 km².
• Remote-sensing control of payment applications on the surface for Agriculture Payments and Intervention Agency. Beginning with the year 2007, there have been checked by remote sensing the applications for payment on the surface for a number of over 5.000.000 agricultural parcels
• Identification of underground pipes routes from CONPET SA heritage for S.C. CONPET S.A. . It was realized the underground detection and surveying for a total length of over 4,000 km of buried pipes.
• Realizing the geodesic, topographic, cadastral and photogrammetric work for the Nabucco gas pipeline with S.N.T.G.N. Transgaz as beneficiary: There were realized all the special works for the route of the Nabucco gas pipeline on Romania’s territory (approx. 457 km). Also, there have been realized works to identify the landlords affected by the pipeline’s work zone. (approx. 41.000 landlords).
• The design of the technical project and the obtainment of The Building Permit for the afferent routes of the project RO-NET of Ministry of Information Society: There were realized topographical works, the technical project in detail for a length of 4800 km of optical fiber divided into 783 routes. At the same time during this project there were prepared over 8000 technical documentation needed for obtaining The Building Permit.
• Realizing the introductory works of general cadastral survey in Marzanesti, Teleorman County and Valea Marului, Galati County: the works were finalised in 2013 and they had as a result a number of over 26.000 immobile registered in the Land Registry; this project was financed by ANCPI through the CESAR program.