Land Parcel Identification System

Beneficiary: Romanian Agency for Payment and
Intervention in Agriculture.

LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) represents an essential element of IACS (Integrated Administration and Control System) which Romania had to implement before adhering to the EU.
IACS is a complex IT structure that supports the administration and control made by the Payment and Intervention Agency concerning the farmers that request direct funding from the EU.

LPIS is the key instrument for tracking and controlling the parcels declared by the farmers. For this purpose, we vectorised a set of 794 NUTS5 territories across 9 counties (NUTS2) of Romania (which makes a total area of 58,687 sqkm) based upon photo interpretation in a GIS environment as well as identification of all eligible lands (agricultural terrains) in order to obtain funding.

Finally we built a relational database which comprises all necessary geospatial data for a complete description of the lands, both eligible and  non-eligible from the point of view of the various payment schemes.