About us

Success means a lot of work, but also the determination of not giving in to the obstacles. For GAUSS, the road began 25 years ago since it was established, and now it is a national leader among the companies that offer topography, cadastral survey, geodesy or GIS services in Romania. Seriousness and professionalism have made the company’s customer portfolio grow from year to year and the number of strategic projects the company is involved in, is also multiplying.
Specialists, the secret weapon!

GAUSS, currently a national leader in topography, geodesy, cadastral survey and geographic information systems, was set up in 1992, establishing itself as a serious company even from the beginning. At present, the team consists of over 170 specialists: engineers, topographers, IT specialists and experienced and professional administrative staff. The company has expanded into the design of installations in the field of petroleum, civil and industrial construction, roads and bridges, telecommunication networks, and permanent investment in technology is a priority. From 130 state-of-the-art workstations, scanning and printing equipment, topographic equipment, topo software and, why not, automotive, all have led to one result – customer satisfaction.

The field of activity of the company has diversified, so the services have continuously received added value. GAUSS performs topographic works for the purpose of drawing up cadastral and topographical plans, and subsequently to support for cadastral databases, GIS systems, fleet management and navigation applications, and the development of a design department.

Successful projects

GAUSS has also been involved in major projects in the Banat area, such as drawing up documentation for more than 4,000 probes and oil field of SHP Petrom, Schela Petroliera Timisoara where are added all types of cadastral documentation for OMV Petrom’s objectives. Among the successful projects is the identification of the subterranean pipeline routes in CONPET SA, when the underground detection was done and topographic measurements were made for a total length of over 4,000 km of buried pipes.
Some of the projects completed include inventory of land from the State Domestic Agency, when topographical measurements, the GIS database and land registration for about 600,000 ha have been made. It is also worth mentioning the realization of the GIS database for the Agricultural Parcel Identification System, which is beneficial for the Agricultural Payments and Intervention Agency (APIA), a database of agricultural land for an area of ​​approximately 57,000 km2. Also for APIA, since 2007, by remote sensing have been controlled the payment requests for almost 1,000,000 farmers, that is an area of ​​almost 280,000 km2.
The clients’ names say very much about the capacity and the way of realizing the projects by GAUSS: OMV PETROM SA, Nabucco International, Telekom Romania, the National Power Transport Company SC Transelectrica SA, the National Agency for Cadastral Survey and Real Estate Advertising and, last but not least, Important cities in Romania, Timisoara, Caransebes, Alba Iulia, Resita or Baile Herculane.

As a result of the collaboration, GAUSS achieved the first place in the top of the “Professional Services and Outsourcing” companies.

GAUSS has become an important landmark and cadastral survey field in Romania, and has succeeded in exporting its expertise to other European countries.