The project aims at developing an electronic (fiber optic) infrastructure that will provide the necessary capabilities for the provision of broadband services in rural areas in Romania that are not currently serviced and for which there are no private investment plans.

Gauss contributes to the following types of works:
– Topographic measurements, in addition to LIDAR, for a route length of over 4800 km, divided into 783 locations

– LIDAR data processing (point clouds), with the help of specialized applications, for routes included in the 40 counties of Romania

– drawing up the technical execution project

– Obtaining the OCPI approval for the documents related to the 40 counties

– The technical reception of the non-FO (optic fibre)

– Obtaining urbanism certificates for the documentation of 7 lots

– Obtaining building permits for 783 locations, along with some additional activities to common endorsements: coexistence studies, geotechnical studies and natural risk studies

– The handing over of building permits and the provision of technical support for execution (as designer, project revisions, site layouts, determinant phases)